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Create a “Guest-Friendly” Menu. “Make sure your menu is friendly for everyone, and tell your venue where guests with different allergies are seated.”

Create a “Guest-Friendly” Seating Plan. “Make sure everyone is comfortable, sitting near friends and family, near the rest rooms for your elderly guests, and near the dance floor for the dancers in your crowd.”

Choose a Consistent Theme. “Match your theme to the style of your venue.”

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Choose an Exciting Theme

Going Gatsby

“Given the setting that we offer, many of our brides enjoy bringing in touches of the Roaring Twenties,” says Dina Semprini, senior catering manager at Glen Cove Mansion. “We saw this recently where the bride’s theme was ‘Gatsby Style.’ The styling was truly art deco with lots of gold and black as well as feather centerpieces to reflect the period.”

Dina’s bride actually even supplied special champagne glasses which were used in the 1920’s to give that true feel. “To make it complete, she had her guests dress to reflect the 20’s era — lots of fringe and sequins on the ladies and the gentlemen wore suspenders and fedoras — a truly memorable event for her guests!”

Glen Cove Mansion has a classically trained chef. “He prides himself on being extremely flexible when it comes to helping achieve a special vision for a wedding or event. Many brides today come in having done much research on their themed wedding. Thanks to Pinterest, they usually bring along photos and recipes for items they are looking for, and here at The Mansion we try hard to accommodate their needs.”

Dina has been seeing more brides who are looking for a themed wedding. “One June bride I have is planning a 1940’s Copacabana-Cotton Club feel for her wedding. She plans on making the room look more like a nightclub from the 40’s than a true wedding. Her centerpieces will be a combination of elephant ear leaves and palm branches to reflect that tropical feel along with smaller table lamps that we’ve also seen in old movies with nightclub scenes. The bride is considering hanging crystal strands from the windows for an ethereal feel. The planning is still in the works,” says Dina, “but I am so looking forward to seeing the finished product.”

Consider Your Guests

Dina and her team encourage brides to be considerate of their guests when creating seating plans and menus. “At The Mansion, our kitchen and staff are always prepared for any dietary restrictions or special needs of our guests. We work with our bride and groom to ensure that the day before the wedding we know the exact dietary needs along with where the guest will be seated so we can make sure the server and maitre d’ are completely aware of the situation.”

In terms of ideas for your wedding, Dina finds that wonderful creative ideas are coming from Pinterest, but says to be sure your ideas fit the venue you have chosen. “What looks great on Pinterest may not always be practical or fit your setting. One example would be branched trees which are used for guest seating cards. This looks so beautiful with the seating cards hanging like leaves from the branches, but in reality it can be quite confusing for the guests searching for their names!

“You should always speak with your venue’s bridal professional to ask what they think and what works best for the venue.”

Glen Cove Mansion, Golden Ballroom Decor (photo: The Glenmar Studio)

Glen Cove Mansion, Ballroom Decor (photo: The Glenmar Studio)

Creative Menus

“When looking for something a little different or ethnic, our chef is always up for a challenge. An example would be a recent wedding we had where the groom was of Polish decent and wanted to bring in a little ‘bit of Polish’ to the wedding. Having a wonderful Polish deli right here in Glen Cove, the chef arranged to have homemade pierogies brought in, which we used as a passed hors d’oeuvre along with cocktail-style kielbasa that transformed into Polish pigs in a blanket! The bride and groom were thrilled.”

Most couples do opt for a traditional sit-down dinner for their wedding. “But we’re finding that a more glorified cocktail reception is becoming very popular. For a cocktail-style reception, our menu would consist of stations and a more casual-style seating plan, mostly cocktail tables and high tops, which give the room a club-like atmosphere.”

Dina and her team are presently creating new theme-oriented menus. One idea is a Monte Carlo-style event with more of a casino feel and touches of French cuisine. “We’re also considering a Glitz & Gold event theme and a Downton Abbey-style theme, as our venue reflects that period so well.”

Glen Cove Mansion, Garden Setting (photo: The Glenmar Studio)

Glen Cove Mansion, Grand Entrance (photo: The Glenmar Studio)

Even for a more traditional sit-down dinner, Glen Cove Mansion offers special elements to help create a memorable wedding. “One example would be a Coney Island station for your cocktail reception in place of a regular carving station. This unique station includes pastrami, corned beef, knishes, Dr. Brown soda, and lots more! It’s so much fun and memorable for your guests!”

A History of Weddings

Glen Cove Mansion Hotel has been hosting weddings for 25 years. “I recently observed a couple taking photos on our staircase and found that they were celebrating their 24th anniversary. They were looking to recreate the same shot they took 24 years ago!”

Dina has always loved working with brides and helping bring their vision to fruition. “I get very excited working with my brides. The more challenging and unique their idea is, the more excited I get! Nothing is more satisfying than watching it all come together on the wedding day. After all the emails back and forth, meetings, tastings, and detailed planning, seeing the joy on the face of the bride and groom along with their parents and friends and family just makes it all worthwhile!”

Glen Cove Mansion
200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove, NY 11542