Ad Creation Worksheet

Creating Your Ad

Spring/Summer 2013

Using the information you provide below and the photo(s) you supply, we'll create one or more rough ads. Then we'll email them back to you, get your comments, modify the selected ad, and continue the process to completion.

DEADLINE: Please observe the due date we have given you. If you need more time, please let us know.

COMMENTS & PHOTOS: Just write your comments below and submit. We'll call if we need more information. (To guard against lost data, while you are completing the form, please also Save your comments to a separate Word file.)

Please submit 1-5 Photos for us to select from. (Please DO NOT submit photos you do not want us to use.) Supply photos to or, for your convenience, please click here for our dropbox.

Photo Specs: 300 dpi, CMYK or RGB, at least 6 inches on one side ... or 72 dpi, RGB or CMYK, at least 24 inches on one side. In submitting these photos, you agree you have the right to use them in your ad and assume all responsibilities for doing so. Also, if a photographer's credit is needed n your ad, please provide the credit as you want it to appear.

Any questions, please call or email Rick Bard, 212.265.7970,

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1. What is Unique about your company?
That is ... What "Special Benefits" do you provide? and, What do you want prospective customers to know about you?

2. If you had to present your company’s goods and services with 1 Sentence, what would it be? (This could lead to the "Title" and "Subtitle.")

3. What more would you say? (This can be used for the "Body" of your ad.)


Keeping in mind your unique (a) Services and Facilities, (b) Capabilities, and (c) Bridal Audience … please review what you like about your favorite ads. Now ... what do you want in yours?

1. Photos:

2. Mood of the Photos:

3. Layout:

If you have an idea for a layout in mind, please describe it here:

4. Ad Title Format:

5. Text Format:

6. Font: