Create A Wedding Program

If you want to express your style and personality as a couple on your wedding day, a good place to start is your wedding program. You can use it to set the tone for your entire wedding, from elegant to romantic, fairy tale to dramatic.

St. Patrick's CathedralPRESENT YOURSELVES
Be Playful. Introduce members of your bridal party with their nicknames.
Be Welcoming. Since you won’t be able to greet all your guests when they first arrive, welcome them with your program.
Be Gracious. Let your program introduce members of your family and others in your wedding party even before you get a chance to do so yourself.

Do you have a Theme for your wedding? Bring that into your wedding program.
Do you have a Color Palette? Carry your wedding colors into your wedding program.
Creating a Nature Theme? A Party Ambiance? A Garden Reception? Add a suitable illustration or a stylized photo.
Love your Floral Theme? Include a photo in your program.
Getting married on New Year’s Eve? Put in a picture of a clock at 12:01.
Create a Remembrance. Design your program as the wonderful keepsake it can become.

How playful do you want to be? Images, icons, emojis, and initials can be fun. Prefer elegance? Create a wedding program that is classic, simple, and elegant. Depending on what you choose, certain tassels, ribbons, or different shaped programs can add an element of interest, surprise, or even drama. It’s yours to choose.

Your program can include names, dates, church or temple, and location. Your guests will appreciate seeing a list of the events of the ceremony, as well as the families participating, plus the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and grandparents.

You might want to include a short verse, quote, poem, bible passage, or psalm. Or go even more personal. Write you own message in the program. You can thank everyone for participating in your special day and for traveling to celebrate your union. By doing so, you will set the tone for how graciously you define yourself as a couple.

Finally, you can use your wedding program to show your thanks for the special relationships in your life. Write a personal message to your guests and to your parents and family members. Express your love for them and tell them how much you appreciate their love and support for you over the years. They will treasure your words forever.