Surprise Your Guests!

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A Surprise Wedding! The wedding planners had the dj play a video of the groom’s proposal on two large flat-screen televisions in the ceremony space. The surprised guests erupted into cheers and laughter — as they realized they were about to witness a wedding!

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Surprise! We’re Getting Married ... Right Now!

Surprise Your Guests

“You may not want to spring a surprise wedding on them like this couple did, but new dishes, unique décor, and special music can add excitement.”

To create a special surprise for all, one playful bride and groom conspired with Michelle Flores, founder of the award-winning event firm Flore Events. They wanted to throw the ultimate surprise party — their nuptials — in only two short months!

A Make-Believe Awards Dinner

“The couple wanted their guests to believe they were attending a gala event at a chic hotel nestled on the Long Island shoreline,” says Michelle, who with her team helped the bride and groom start by creating the perfect invitations.

“The trick was to find one set of invitations for the bride and one set for the groom which did not let their guests in on the surprise,” she says. “But the invitations also had to let them know the evening was going to be special.” Michelle suggested that the bride’s guests receive invitations to an awards dinner in the bride’s honor, while the groom’s guests would receive invitations to a chef competition in which he was participating.

Then Michelle worked with the couple to design the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception menu, and decor. She also accompanied the bride to her final dress fitting appointment, which was nationally televised on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.”

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The Hidden Ceremony

On the day of the wedding, Michelle and her associate, Claudia Charles, arranged for a stylish “photo op,” complete with red carpet, to greet the guests upon their arrival. “We then ushered everyone to the hotel’s rooftop bar and lounge, where they sipped cocktails and mingled while waiting for the ‘awards ceremony’ and ‘chef’s competition’ to begin. What they didn’t know was that the floor-to-ceiling curtains were concealing the ceremony space!”

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As the guests sipped champagne, the bride and groom waited patiently in their respective hotel rooms. “When it was time to let the guests in on the secret, the curtains were pulled back to reveal the elegant ceremony space, complete with stark white chairs adorned with deep red pomander balls.

“We had coordinated with the DJ company to play a video of the groom’s proposal on two large flat-screen televisions in the ceremony space.” The guests erupted into cheers and laughter — as they realized they were about to witness a wedding.

Emotions ran high as the Flore Events team escorted the bride’s sister, who also had no idea about the surprise nuptials, to see the beautiful bride. A vision in a Pnina Tornai creation, the bride walked down the aisle to cheers and tears, while TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” captured it all.

After the ceremony, another set of curtains were pulled back to reveal a richly-appointed dining room. The guests were treated to a delicious buffet dinner before retiring to what was formerly the ceremony space.

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Flore Events, Wedding Planners, First Dance (John Bayley Photography)

A Rooftop Dance Club

As Michelle had planned, within an hour the ceremony space was completely transformed into the newlyweds’ rooftop dance club. Flore Events worked closely with the DJs to coordinate the first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet and garter tosses. The newlyweds and their happily surprised guests danced the night away.

“We coordinated the ceremony and reception setup, numerous wedding vendors, the initially befuddled guests, and a camera crew chronicling the night’s festivities — while keeping it all a secret!

“Pulling off a surprise wedding in two months was no small task,” admits Michelle. “The bride and groom knew they would need an experienced and innovative design and planning approach to execute such a unique wedding. We happily accepted the challenge, and I’m glad we were able to give the couple and their guests a night they will never forget.”

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