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KVO CollectionsUnderstated Elegance

Eye-catching jewelry can at times draw attention to itself, overshadowing all … while jewelry that suggests understated elegance instead acts to enrich and enhance the bride’s overall look.

“Understated elegance is a style that is simple, unique, beautiful, and timeless,” say sisters Julia Ford and Claudia Wood of KVO Collections. “It is a dignified grace about your personal style, a self assurance about who you are and what you like. It is not showy or ostentatious. Having understated elegance is to be happy with yourself.”

On the other hand, they note that bling can draw more attention to the piece of jewelry than to the person wearing it.

KVO CollectionsThey create jewelry to be minimalist and refined. "We design to complement and highlight a woman’s style and beauty, so she becomes the focal point, not the jewelry. Our pieces enhance and do not overpower the bride.”

Their collection was initially inspired by their mother, who appreciated good style and personified understated elegance. “We also are inspired by our family living in Europe and Asia and by the extensive traveling we did with our mom. KVO are the initials of our mom, Karin von Owstien, who died way too young. KVO Collections honors her creativity and European simplicity. Our designs are classic and timeless with a contemporary twist that suits everyday wear.

“We started the company through our desire to help people. A portion of every sale goes to help someone specifically or to help a non-profit organization.

“The most exciting part of working with a bride is being a part of helping her on her special day. It is really amazing to get to know a bride in this most precious time in her life.”

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