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Qing Flowers Forever

Natural Beauty ... “Flowers bring joy and peace with their colors and show us the beauty of nature’s balance and harmony."

Preserved Forever ... "We can preserves your wedding flowers into a unique painting — creating a work of art as well as a family heirloom. The painting with your flowers will last forever."

Qing Flowers Forever
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Your Wedding Memories

... They are preserved forever in your thoughts, in your photos, and in the memories of your loved ones. But what about the special symbols you choose to celebrate your special day? What if you could preserve your actual flowers in a unique painting that could be treasured always as a family heirloom? It is just that sentiment which inspired Qing Flowers Forever.

“I have loved flowers since I was a little girl,” says artist Qing Dong. “Flowers bring joy and peace with their colors and show us the beauty of nature’s balance and harmony. They fill hearts with pleasure and satisfaction. The painter Wassily Kandinsky said, ‘Color is a power which directly influences the soul’ and I want to offer that to our brides, through my paintings with their flowers.”

Qing spent her childhood in Tianjin China and earned a degree in accounting, but soon returned to her first love, art, winning her first award in 1993 and soon exhibiting in New York Art Expos.

In 1998, she started plucking wildflowers, which she would then press and dry. She put the dried flowers on postcards for her friends, who loved the uniquely presented sentiment.

When she started using acrylics, she began putting dried flowers on the canvas. “Flowers were often discarded after a wedding so I decided to press and dry the flowers and create a painting using them, which could keep their beautiful memory forever.” In 2012, she launched the business with help from her husband, Mark Lei, and has since created paintings for many brides around the country.

Qing Flowers Forever

Qing Flowers Forever

Qing’s art includes preserving the flowers, choosing the canvas, and then creating the acrylic painting itself. “The size and kind of canvas, as well as the background colors and the style of the painting, are all based on requests from the bride and groom.”

Styles can range from realism to abstract and can cover pointillism, impressionism, surrealism, pop art, and more. “I do my best to meet any bride’s particular request. My paintings have focused on abstract work, but I also have created quite a few paintings in other styles.

“We overlay the dried and pressed flowers on the painting’s canvas. We choose either an arrangement like the actual bouquet itself or we can arrange the dried petals and flowers freely on the canvas.

“We always take suggestions from the couple. We also propose ideas to them from an art perspective and we communicate with them during the whole process.

“The bride usually tells us to use her wedding color as the background color she prefers for the painting. Some brides also provide a picture of a particular landscape or the venue where they were married. Then we paint the canvas based on her color and her pictures.”

They show a picture of the painting to the couple once the background painting is done and make any necessary changes. “After the background painting is set and the flowers are dried, we overlay the flowers on the painting loosely. Then we again take a picture and send it to the couple for their comments before we finalize the painting.” The whole process takes about three to four weeks.

“It is always great for us to share the sweet, joyful, and loving spirit of each wedding couple.”

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