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Rushmore Estate“One of my favorite moments is when the bride pulls up the circle and gets out of the car,” says Russell Cohen, general manager of Rushmore Estate. “The smiles are contagious and uncontrollable. The Spanish Colonial Ballroom and the 60-foot infinity pool that appears to be cascading into our private lake takes her breath away.”

Russell and his team present Rushmore Estate as a blank canvas for the bride to create her personal masterpiece. “We’ve had everything from a tiki bar-inspired theme by the pool to a horse and buggy to mark the grand entrance of the wedding couple. So if you can think it, we can do it! Our preferred caterers also work personally with you to create a custom menu that best represents your theme.”

A Creative Reception ... As an example, one couple wanted to skip the traditional sit-down meal and have five hours of passed hors d’oeuvres. “They wanted their guests to wander and explore the pristine grounds while enjoying gourmet food. Given our spacious grounds, it was a creative way to maximize the experience we can offer. Their request inspired us, and has helped us guide future brides and grooms to transform the ordinary into the magical!”

Rushmore EstateAnother bride wanted an after-party bonfire down by the lake. “We lit the path down to the lake with luminary bags, creating a candle-lit map guiding the guests to the roaring fire.”
Russell tells us they allow their wedding couples to absorb the beauty of the estate. “We give them space to listen to the whisper that gently tickles their imaginations. As the tour progresses and we can see the connections being made, we offer some small guidance into the wedding day flow and staging.”

Rushmore EstateOn a recent tour, the bride was torn between an indoor or an outdoor reception. “As she made her way into the ballroom’s grand entrance, we opened all five of the arched doors. This created both an indoor and outdoor ambiance and the bride immediately fell in love with the idea. We suggested that the dance floor and DJ set up outside on the patio, while the seated table arrangements remain indoors. The open arched doors created a smooth flow that offered the perfect solution, combining both her indoor and outdoor visions.”

Rushmore EstateA Rich History ... Charles E. Rushmore, an attorney for whom Mt. Rushmore was named, commissioned the 25-room, four-building estate in 1908. “The Spanish Colonial-style mansion, pristine grounds, and privacy provided a perfect respite from the hustle of New York City. Three years later, in 1911, he built the ballroom, which now acts as our wedding venue and hosts four large guest suites for overnight accommodations. It’s the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding weekend.”

Much of the interior has been preserved in its original condition. The ballroom features vaulted ceilings with elegant plaster carvings, French doors opening to a stone patio, oak floors, and an oversized fireplace.

Destination Wedding Weekends ... “The guest suites above the ballroom offer our guests a relaxing overnight experience. Each room is unique in its lavish architecture and Old World charm. A private bathroom, cable TV, and temperature control add the modern touches guests also desire.”

Rushmore EstateRussell explains Rushmore’s ‘Wedding Philosophy’ in a single phrase. “Your destination wedding weekend is closer than you think!” With its resort-like setting and Old World estate charm, he explains, “We offer a blank canvas for you to create the wedding of your dreams, always being greeted with helping hands and warm smiles.

“The most exciting part about hosting a wedding at Rushmore Estate,” he tells us, “is watching the guest’s eyes light up as they drive through the gates and step out of their cars. They immediately realize they are someplace unique and unparalleled. I also take great comfort in knowing that the bride has her own personal space for the weekend, The Roosevelt Room, which is our bridal suite. It’s grand and cozy and offers the bride and groom their own special retreat.”

Rushmore Estate, 917.449.3234,,