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What’s Important To You ... “Focusing on what is most important to you will help you create a budget that has the most impact for you and your guests.”

Choose The Right Vendors ... “Having trust in your vendors is priceless! Vendors working together as a team for the same goal is key to a successful event.”

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Celebrate With Your Personal Style

Personalized Weddings

“Our inquiring couples often want to know if we allow open-flame candles throughout the space,” says Annie Rozycki, special events manager at The Garrison. “Indeed we do! We believe it makes a huge difference in the ambiance. Our ballroom is simple and elegant, with a dramatic backdrop, and the warm glow of candles enhances any couple’s romantic vision.

“Our wedding couples also often ask about having one of their favorite desserts, from a local bakery or even from a family recipe. We are happy to include their favorites with our menu! One recent couple brought in Five Guys burgers for a takeaway as the guests exited. They absolutely loved it!”

For décor, in addition to their open-flame candles, Annie tells us that bistro lights are magical in a space like theirs. “We allow for any décor, and bistro lights seem to be the most popular. The effect is enchanting as the sun sets and the lights reflect on all the glass in our ballroom.

“When we meet with our couples, we always say, ‘Less is more’ in a space like ours. You do not need to spend a fortune on dressing up the space. Too much can take away from the breathtaking view.”

The Garrison

The Garrison

Celebrating Your Ideas

Both Annie and Bridget Bell, also a special events manager at The Garrison, are happy to work with any décor ideas, food additions, and outside vendors their wedding couples might suggest.

“On that point, we try to get our couples to focus on what is most important to them. That helps them budget their money. It makes no sense to put a high percentage of your budget on something that has little importance to you. It is all about what will make the most impact for you and your guests. We pride ourselves in getting to know our couples and guiding them through that process.

“This is why working with your event manager, from your initial site tour to the conclusion of your event, is so valuable. At many venues, the person you meet with at start up is not the person executing the most special day of your lives. Find out if that is the case at any venue you might be considering. Here, Bridget and I are with you through everything.”
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The process starts at the initial meeting. “In addition to us, having trust in your vendors is priceless! We have a list of recommended vendors, though our clients can use whomever they wish. Vendors working together as a team for the same goal is key to a successful event.”

They are both excited about The Garrison’s new menu. “We feel that nothing is better than a trendy, locally sourced, critically acclaimed menu in our updated space — with the backdrop of the historic Hudson Valley!

“We also offer beautiful rustic farm tables for our couples to use, which add a charming touch. Most couples come to us so excited that all this is included. They are very happy that there are no hidden charges, and again, make sure there are no hidden charges or extra fees you might incur from any of your vendors or your venue.”

Annie and Bridget also encourage you to be aware of what you want from your venue. “If, for example, you want something unique and outdoors, with inviting indoor spaces and amazing food, we can be exactly what you are looking for.”

The Garrison

The Garrison

Preserving Natural Beauty

Back in 2000, a local family acquired the land to preserve its beauty and serenity, saving it from becoming a development or a shopping mall. “The company continues to hold strong to those values, and that approach carries through to our food, design, and support of the local community and of our wedding couples.

“Bridget and I enjoy the whole process of wedding planning with our couples, from our initial meeting and learning what their dream wedding is, to working with them to create just that, and ultimately watching it unfold before their eyes. Witnessing their love, sharing in their joy, and seeing every guest experience the true awe of our space, is both joyous and humbling to us!”

The Garrison, 2015 Route 9, Garrison, NY 10524
845.424.3604, [email protected],