Looking for something distinctive for your wedding? Something special that will commemorate your event? Something unique that your guests will remember? Look no further. Advantage 24/7 has the perfect complement for your wedding.

You can use IT as a SAVE the DATE or use IT to INVITE the wedding party to the rehearsal dinner or as a REMINDER for the out-of-towners get-together. Use IT for a wedding favor and last but not least have the waiters use IT to pour wine without spilling a drop, guaranteed!

What is IT? Tell me what IT is … I can’t wait to find out.

IT'S an amazing 3-inch full-color disc that eliminates any wine dripping or spilling when pouring. The disc is completely customizable.

IT'S a Danish-designed wine pourer that has been used by wine professionals worldwide for 20 years. Now available in the US. We also call IT the DropStop. IT is perfect for any special occasion or life event you want to remember.

We have two ordering options:
10-100 DropStops go to: MYDROPSTOP.US/WEDDING

250+ DropStops and special packaging ideas contact:
Advantage 24/7, 716-568-8090,

Contact: Jean Smith


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