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Your Upfront Article ... and Your Essential Tips

Old-New Featured ImageWe're now finalizing the upcoming issue of Manhattan Bride, and we will open the magazine with a series of Upfront Articles and all-important Essential Tips. If you are being featured in that section, this form is for you.

You can write them below, providing almost two pages in total (750 words). If it's more convenient, we can schedule a time to get your comments over the phone. We'll edit the article and send it back for your review. (To avoid lost data, please Keep Saving to a separate Word file along the way.) 

YOUR FEATURED WEDDING: Our "Real Weddings" have been wildly popular over the years, so now we're bringing that excitement to your Upfront Article by also presenting one of your weddings. We’ll ask your selected bride to Tell Her Story and Share it in our pages. We’ll give her extra copies of the magazine and also put her article on our website — and watch her share both the actual magazine and her online article through our Social Media Links.

YOUR PHOTOS: Please indicate the photo credits, and send your images to Rick Bard,, or, for your convenience, please click here for our dropbox. (Send hi-resolution JPGs, RGB or CMYK: 300 dpi, at least 6 inches on one side ... or 72 dpi, at least 24 inches on one side.) 

DUE DATE: Please send all materials by the due date we've indicated.

GUIDELINES: The Most Successful Articles have been Descriptive. They told stories about how the bridal vendor helped particular couples create the wedding of their dreams. (“One bride wanted ... so we created ... by doing …”) These vendors were seen as Customer-Focused & Creative.

But other articles were primarily Boastful (“We have the grandest ...”). These articles offered few ideas beyond the benefits of hiring that vendor. These vendors were often seen as Self-Centered, too eager to make the sale, and less concerned with their customers. 

Questions? Please contact Rick at 212.265.7970 or

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1. Please give us your Wedding Couple and their Contact Information.

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(Please note: your thoughts for questions #2 and #3 are your Most Important Comments.)
2. How did you help this wedding couple PERSONALIZE their wedding? Please refer to the unique Ideas, Themes, Color Palettes, Menus, Décor, Music, Lighting, etc. that you helped the couple create ... to express their style, relationship, and family traditions.

3. Please also give at least 1-4 "ESSENTIAL TIPS" that might be useful for any wedding. We'll use them as large "Featured Quotes" in the article. Your tips might refer to menu, décor, seating, planning, budgeting, themes, etc. (Give us 5-6 Essential Tips plus accompanying photos and we may be able to create an additional online article for you.)

4. What is “New” about what you offer? (updated styling, new technology, more/better features, etc.)

5. What is “Old” about what you offer? (historic inspiration, traditional styling or values, etc.)

6. How did you and/or your firm get involved in the field?

7. What is the most exciting aspect of a wedding for you?