Bridal Beauty Q & A

We know you want to look your best on your big day, so we had some of our makeup artists answer their most commonly asked (or not so commonly asked) beauty questions!

A good rule is to get on someone's calendar at least six months in advance. Book a trial to ensure they are capable of providing the look you want! Other brides may inquire about your date, so don't lose out by waiting till the last minute.

Hire a true professional that does weddings on a regular basis. They will be able to help you with your timing and keep you on your schedule! There are a lot to choose from so know what you need, and do your homework by checking out all their websites. Decide who can create the style you want and the personality you will be most compatible with. The lowest price isn't always your best option.

Let your hairstyle be informed by the theme of your dress and flowers. If you’re wearing a strapless dress, it’s best to wear your hair down or half-up/half-down. Updos go much better with dresses that have sleeves.

 Don't wear a t-shirt! Novelty bride t-shirts are adorable, but you will have to pull it over your head to get into your dress, disrupting your hair and makeup! Opt for a sweatsuit that zips, a robe, or a large neck tank top. Shirts that button are always a good option, but no t-shirts please!

A good rule of thumb is to buy real hair. Heat styling cannot be done with synthetic hair of any kind! Look for Remy hair if you want the best.

Price varies from person to person, and based on different types of extensions. There are clip-in extensions, Keratin bonds, links, weaves, glued wefts, etc. This investment starts at a few hundred dollars, and can go into the thousands depending on the type of extensions you want. Clip-ins that you can put in and take out easily will cost much less than more permanent hair extensions.

Try a sunless tanner at least a month before you are getting married, so if you don’t like the color, you can exfoliate it off. Try a "spray tan," like a Mystic booth, or an airbrush tan by a person for the best color and results. Over the counter options are more likely to be uneven or streak.

Do not shape your brows the night before or the day of your wedding, as makeup will not adhere to your skin where you waxed. Shape no sooner than three days before to ensure perfect shape plus flawless makeup application.

No! Airbrush is just another kind of foundation. It isn't "better" as it is not perfect for all skins. Ask your professional what is best for you. They know your skin and how the makeup they use lays best.

A beautiful lip color won't hide imperfect teeth! Ask your dental professional at least six months in advance if there is a whitening regimen they recommend. If you want to straighten your teeth, consult your dentist at least 12-18 months in advance.

If you have problematic skin, seek advice from your dermatologist or aesthetician six months before your wedding. Makeup can cover many things, but it looks best on beautiful skin.

Eyes look bigger and brighter with a plush full lash! Don’t skip the false lashes unless you have great lashes already. Then you can just use mascara,

Most makeup artists can cover your ink, however it is always at an additional cost as the products used are costly and flawless coverage is time-consuming. Just be sure you let your artist know you want to do that before the day of your wedding!