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To see  your Custom Program and all its benefits, plus your Vendor Profile form, click on your bridal category below.

GOWN SHOP/SALON $390 for 12 months (with 10 unique features)
BRIDAL VENDOR or DESIGNER $570 for 12 months (with more features)
WEDDING VENUE or CATERER $795 for 12 months (with even more features)

WEB AD PRICING … Pricing for your exclusive Wedding Vendor Profile is based on the number of features in your Custom Package. (Your Vendor Profile is free if you're a print advertiser in our award-winning magazine.)

ROTATING PLACEMENT … The link to your Vendor Profile now has Rotating Placement -- so you are always on the First Page of your Bridal Category.

EASY CONTACT FOR BRIDES ... To make it even easier for our brides to reach you, your Vendor Profile now includes an easy-to-use Email Contact Form

FULLY RESPONSIVE, 24/7 … Our entire website is completely Responsive. Every page instantly re-formats itself to fit any size Smartphone or Tablet.

MANY SOURCES … Brides visit our site from the Search Engines, Social Media, Links from various Bridal Vendors & Venues, and from our Print magazine and its 100,000 copies per year (with over 6 readers per copy).

How many Unique Visitors do you get on the site?
We're getting 18,000 Unique Visitors a month.
The real excitement is our steady rise in the Search Engines. As we've climbed in the Search Rankings since our launch, we've seen a corresponding rise in our Organic Search as a percentage of all visitors. It's now almost 80% — significantly boosting the number of visitors to our site.
How are you Ranking in the Search Engines?
Choosing their Wedding Site is the First Step for every new wedding couple, so we’re especially pleased that Google gives us high First Page ranking for many venue-related organic searches. (All rankings are from 6/14/20.) As you can see, when couples look for wedding sites in New York or New Jersey — they find Manhattan Bride!
General —
    Garden Wedding Sites:
We are #2 out of 601 million
    Wedding Sites
on the Water: #2 out of 311 million
    Castle Wedding Sites:
#3 out of 40 million
    Estate Wedding Sites:
#5 out of 123 million
Region Specific —
    Hotel Wedding Sites
in NY and NJ: #1 & #2 out of 22.8 million
    Country Club Weddings
in NY and NJ: #1 out of 15.8 million
    New York and New Jersey Weddings: #2
& #3 out of 27.4 million
    Real Weddings
in NY and NJ: #1 & #2 out of 21.5 million
More Specific —
    Castle Wedding Sites
 in New York: #1 out of 45.9 million; in New Jersey: #2 out of 12.8 million
    Historic Wedding Sites
in New York: #3 out of 83 million; in New Jersey: #7 out of 26 million
    Wedding Sites
on the Water in New York: #2 out of 148 million; in New Jersey: #3 out of 41.8 million
    Estate Wedding Sites
in New York: #3 out of 77 million; in New Jersey: #6 out of 20.9 million
    Garden Wedding Sites
in New York: #4 out of 190 million
    Mansion Wedding Sites
in New York: #5 out of 27 million
Can I pay in Several Installments?
Yes. As long as you provide a credit card, we can accept payments over several months. (There is a $5.50 processing fee added to each payment.) Just choose your program once you view your best package, from 1 to 6 months.
Images on your website are razor sharp. How many Photos can I get on my Profile?
That depends on your package, which can range from 8-20 and is noted on the form for your Custom Online Program. Please send hi-resolution images.
When can I Update my Online Vendor Profile?
You can update your Contact Information any time it changes. Just let us know via an email or a phone call.
You can update your Online Description after you review it initially and after that, every other month.
You can update your Photos every three months.
Can I list any Events or Shows I might hold?
Yes. You can list your Bridal Shows, Trunk Shows, and Tastings ... Sample Sales, Music Showcases, and Photo Exhibits ... Gallery Shows ... & More.
Just go to our Event Listing page and complete the form. (It's easily accessible from our "About Us" drop down menu.)