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Just as we had done after 9/11, when the coronavirus pandemic first hit, we began helping our wedding couples and our advertisers. We created a highly praised article on Rescheduling Your Wedding, added a new series of Virtual Planning Guides, and then, for the first time since we began publishing decades ago, began creating an All-Virtual & All-Free issue for our family of advertisers and our brides. They've been calling this level of support ... “Rare (as in Non-Existent)” ... “Absolutely Wonderful” ... “Extremely Helpful” ... “Incredible.” Take a look ...

THERE FOR OUR ADVERTISERS … “We greatly appreciate all you've done for us over the years.”
The Best & Most Useful ... “With all the reports surrounding weddings during this stay-at-home time, your ‘Rescheduling Your Wedding’ article is by far the best and most useful source I’ve seen.”The Heritage Club at Bethpage, Lessing’s, locations in NY and FL, advertisers since 2018.

Love Your Passion … “We love Manhattan Bride and even more your passion and hospitality towards us! You always go out of your way to check up on us and we greatly appreciate it ...

Extremely Helpful … “Great article, especially about the weekday weddings — extremely helpful!” —  The Estate at Florentine Gardens, River Vale, NJ; advertisers since 2007

You Help Us Succeed ... “Thank you for all the things you do to help us succeed — especially as we are faced with this plague.”Loving Hearts Ceremonies, NY, advertisers since 2004.

Years of Support ... “We greatly appreciate all that you have done for us over the years.”Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY, has advertised with Manhattan Bride for 14 years

“OMG! We just got the magazine and the pictures are Amazing. We all are so excited and we truly appreciate what you've done. Outstanding photography!”The Rockleigh, Rockleigh, NJ; advertisers since 2005

Even During the Lockdown … Their first issue of Manhattan Bride was published just days before the March 2020 pandemic lockdown. As they renewed for another year, they said, “What we've been doing with you has been working and we want to leave it as is.”The Powelton Club, Newburgh, NY advertisers since 2020

Much Appreciated ... “I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the stand you took on the article '‘Rescheduling Your Wedding. During these pandemic times, when event spaces are hurting, your article reinforces what we are all trying to do, and that’s work with our brides and help them find a new date.” ...

... A True Partner ... And when we announced our next issue would be All-Virtual & All-Free, they said ... “This is absolutely wonderful. Manhattan Bride is a true partner and we greatly appreciate this. Thanks so much!!”Landmark Venues, multiple locations in NJ and PA, advertisers since 2001.

Invested in Our Success ... “It’s Rare (as in non-existent) to see a platform that’s actually invested in the success of its vendors. And that’s probably why people stick with you.”The Music Boutique, NY, advertisers since 2020

Truly Wonderful ... “During this pandemic, these Virtual Planning Guides are truly wonderful services you are providing — for both brides as well as vendors.”Smooth Sailing Celebrations, NJ, advertisers since 2005

Goose Bumps ... “I can’t even describe the goose bumps I had when I saw the photo spread. I think I actually gasped out loud! Then as I turned page after page, I may have teared up. Thank you SO much for the opportunity to showcase us in your prestigious magazine. We couldn’t be happier!”Above, Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island, NY; advertisers since 2013

A Unique Level Of Service ... “What’s special about Manhattan Bride is that you don’t offer just the ad alone. Through your photos, you show our product as a fashion item for the bride, along with her dress, jewelry, and other accessories, so we become part of the whole wedding. You offer a level of service the others just don’t offer ...

... You Care More“You also work differently than the other magazines. The others call me to advertise with them, but they only care about getting the ad. Instead, you want to learn about what we offer, so you can best present us to your brides.”Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder, NYC
VENUES-NY … “Compared to other publications, the response from Manhattan Bride is huge!”
They Renew Their Ads in an Instant ... “As usual your magazine is stunning. Please send over several hundred magazines for us to add into our bridal bags at our appointments!” This was just after the venue’s ad agency said, “They never have any problem. And when I call them to renew with Manhattan Bride, they renew in an instant!”Oheka Castle, Huntington, Long Island; advertisers with Manhattan Bride since 2003

Years of Support“We greatly appreciate all that you have done for us over the years.”Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY, has advertised with Manhattan Bride for 14 years.

A Huge Response“Compared to other publications we’ve been in, the response from Manhattan Bride is huge! We’ve gotten 25 to 30 good leads already, and the magazine has been out only a few weeks! Manhattan Bride is a tremendous sales tool ...

Brides Are Thrilled“Brides are really reading the magazine, like our ‘Real Wedding’ article, where they can see our venue and our views. I’m getting calls from a lot of brides who’ve just gotten engaged, seen us in Manhattan Bride, and are thrilled. Just an ad doesn’t create this response. When brides read what other brides have experienced, it becomes so tangible and real!”The Garrison, Garrison, NY; advertisers since 2006

A Lot of Leads ... “A lot of leads come through from Manhattan Bride. I know, because I always ask how they heard of us, and they mention Manhattan Bride. We get a lot of leads from you. It’s very important!”JW Marriott Essex House Hotel, NYC
VENUES-NJ … “Brides come in carrying the magazine!”
The Exposure is Incredible ... says Landmark Venues, who’s been with us in very issue since 2001 and recently boosted their presence with us to a 32-page insert. “We love Manhattan Bride! You are consistently putting out an amazing publication year after year. The exposure our venues get from placing an ad in your magazine is incredible and you and your staff are a pleasure to work with.”Landmark Venues, with multiple venues in NJ and PA, advertisers since 2001

Another Great Year ... “We look forward to another great year with Manhattan Bride! ... Thank you for the Real Wedding feature in your latest issue. You truly captured the couple’s love story and amazing wedding day!! Multiple brides have called to see our venue because of that article!” — The Estate at Florentine Gardens, River Vale, NJ; advertisers since 2007

Brides Come in Carrying the Magazine! ... “Half the brides who book with us from Manhattan come in with the magazine in hand and about a third of our brides from New Jersey also come in carrying the magazine! Brides always say they love the stories, and the brides we choose for our real weddings in the magazine put it on Facebook. We do too!”Waterside Events, North Bergen, NJ; advertisers since 2011

Highly Recommended ... “We have worked with you and the magazine for many years and have always been very satisfied. Highly recommended!”Park Chateau Estate & Gardens, East Brunswick, NJ, advertisers since opening in 2016

Working For Us ... “We get a lot of leads from New York and Long Island that we wouldn’t be getting if we were not with you. Manhattan Bride is definitely working for us!”Wilshire Grand Hotel, West Orange, NJ; advertisers since 2006

Brides Come In With Their Copy of Manhattan Bride ... “The magazine works great for us and brides come in with their copy of Manhattan Bride or mention it to us! You’ve always given me everything I’ve ever asked for and it’s a pleasure working with you.”Nanina’s in the Park, Belleville, NJ; advertisers since 2005

Great For Us“Manhattan Bride is great for us! We advertise in just a few magazines and we get a lot of calls from your brides compared to the others, and your brides are always good.”Liberty House, Jersey City, NJ; advertisers since 2001

Brides say, “Manhattan Bride” ... “We’ve advertised in other bridal magazines but we didn’t get the brides like we do with you. We also didn’t get the quality of the magazine, the articles, and the personal attention you give us. We ask every bride how they heard of us and brides say, ‘Manhattan Bride,’ so we know it works for us!”Northern Valley Affairs, Closter, NJ; advertisers in Manhattan Bride since 2007
GOWNS & ACCESSORIES … “Manhattan Bride is always at the top of the heap!”
At The Top … They boosted their advertising from a 2-page spread to a 4-page spread, saying, “Relative to other local publications on our advertising schedule, the response from your magazine has always been very good. Manhattan Bride is always at the top of the heap!”Oleg Cassini, Tri-State & US; advertised with Manhattan Bride and our prior publications for over 35 years

There for Us ... “Thank you for being there for us all the time!”Eve of Milady Bridals, New York City; advertisers since 2012

Brides See Your Photos and Buy My Gowns ... “Brides see your photos of my gowns in Manhattan Bride, call me for those specific styles — and then they buy! I already got three clients from the new issue. Thank you!” — Lucia Rodriguez, NYC

You Are Awesome To Work With“You and your staff are awesome to work with and right now we’re doing mother and daughter gowns for a new bride who came from your magazine and they referred others to us too!”Steven Birnbaum Bridal, NYC

The Phone Has Been Hopping! ... “The phone has been hopping! Manhattan Bride is creating a buzz. Just the other day a woman who had seen my ad in Manhattan Bride called to order 10 necklaces for her bridesmaids and another woman who had seen my jewelry in Manhattan Bride drove over two hours to my studio for her custom jewelry!”Lauren Kane Jewelry, Staten Island, NY
FLOWERS … “Compared to others, Manhattan Bride is better at getting us the medium to high-end brides.”
More High-End Brides ... “The magazine is sending us a lot of brides. Compared to others, Manhattan Bride is better at getting us the medium to high-end brides. They talk about the magazine and bring in pages to show us, and they get to us from your website too. We truly appreciate your personal touch in handling our advertisements and look forward to many years of a great relationship with you and your future brides! I also like working with you. You are a gentleman.”Ariston Flowers, NYC; advertisers since 2002

No Limit Financially“I wanted to tell you about the results from my first ad in Manhattan Bride. One bride who called said she saw my bouquets in the magazine and wanted me to design a special keepsake brooch bouquet for her. She works at Goldman Sachs and said there is no limit financially, since she will keep it forever. This will more than pay for my ads! Thank you! 


... Wide Reach“I even had a bride in Missouri contact me for her bouquet! ...

Bridal Salon Cross-Marketing“The owner of a bridal shop in New Jersey called. She is carrying one of the dresses you photographed in your fashion pages, with the model holding one of my bouquets. She is continually showing her brides the magazine and said it would be amazing to have the full designer look when they see the magazine! So she wants a version of that bouquet to display in her shop and to also give her brides a feeling of being in the magazine — with the complete look — when they try on the dress! ...

… Hair Stylist Marketing Too“Then a hair stylist also contacted me after seeing one of my hairpieces in Manhattan Bride. She wants to do a tutorial on Instagram with the look in the magazine and also include my hairpiece.”Forever Brooch Bouquets; Suffern, NY, advertisers since 2017

The Best Results“Like any business, we are always exploring alternatives, and for us, Manhattan Bride is the best. We tried a lot of things this year, including bridal shows and the Internet, but I get more calls from Manhattan Bride magazine than from anywhere else. For the higher end product we offer and for the higher end brides we need, Manhattan Bride is the place to be!”Lisa Ghiotti Bridal Bouquet Holder, NYC
MUSIC … “A lot of people are referring to Manhattan Bride, not just for weddings but for corporate events as well.”
Weddings & Corporate Events Too ... “I booked three events from Manhattan Bride just last week. Though that does not happen every week, thank you! I’m finding a lot of people are referring to Manhattan Bride, not just for weddings but for corporate events as well ...

... A Superior Collection Of Advertisers ... “Both brides and others readily identify your publication and website, and say it stands out among the others in the area. They say your collection of advertisers is far superior to the others ...

... More Elegant Affairs ... “After getting a dozen of these magazines, they wind up using many of your advertisers. Of course, this is all relative to the affair they’re having. After reviewing all the publications, most of those interested in the more elegant affairs are referring more often to your magazine and to the advertisers you have ...

... Industry People Are Calling To Network ... “As a result of being in your magazine, people in the industry are also contacting me from Manhattan Bride to network, and that has never happened in over 20 years with any other magazine! Your publication and website have a different presentation with a different premise, and that stands out!”Francis Varrichio Orchestras, Highland Park, NJ; advertisers since 2002
WEDDING PLANNERS … “Manhattan Bride does the best of all the sites.”
My Biggest Source of Brides ... “Manhattan Bride does the best of all the sites. It is the biggest source of all my referrals, right behind Facebook, and my biggest source of brides!”Floré Events, Valley Stream, NY; advertisers since 2006.
HAIR & MAKEUP … “What a difference you’ve made in my exposure!”
Best Magazine Ever! ... “Best magazine ever! Stunning! So impressed! Bravo!”Glam Spot NJ

Online Results & More“I am very pleased with my ad and my presence on your website. I started to receive calls and inquiries as soon as you put me online, even prior to the magazine’s release! As a result of your recent Networking Party, I’ve been booked for several weddings from one of your wedding planners I met that evening. What a difference you’ve made in my exposure! And your level of professionalism, helpfulness, accessibility, and personal service has been superior!”Makeup & Hair by Darianne, Long Island, NY
PHOTOGRAPHY … “Thank you for your wonderful customer service in accommodating all my requests.”
Wonderful Customer Service ... “Thank you for your great Networking Event, your great magazine, and your wonderful customer service in accommodating all my requests.”Blooming Studios, Short Hills, NJ.