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How Wedding Couples Are Using Manhattan Bride

With our annual circulation of 80,000, our array of digital magazines, and our ever-expanding website, Manhattan Bride is reaching sophisticated brides, their families, and friends — who also shop for their own weddings. Their demographic profile is below, but first, here's how they use Manhattan Bride.

THE LATEST TRENDS … “I am the Bridal Manager at a major retailer and the material is always so relevant and useful for me at work.”
Couldn't Do It Without You! … “I LOVE Manhattan Bride and always anticipate the next issue coming out! I am the Bridal Manager at a major retailer and the material is always so relevant and useful for me at work. I lose credibility with brides if I'm not up to date on the latest trends and news. I couldn't do it without you!” — She and her groom-to-be are welcoming 100 guests to their wedding, together earn over $150,000, and are looking at hotels and estates.
CHOOSING VENDORS … “I found our reception hall, florist, photographer, band, and limousine in your pages and on your site!”
My Gown, Makeup Artist, Officiant, & Photographer!“Manhattan Bride is invaluable in planning my wedding. I found my gown, makeup artist, officiant, and photographer thanks to your magazine!” — She is a special education teacher, her groom owns a construction company, and they’re welcoming 140 wedding guests.

Our Venue, Florist, Photographer, Band, & Limousine! ... “Manhattan Bride has a wealth of information. I found our reception hall, florist, photographer, band, and limousine in your pages and on your site!” — A teacher whose groom is an engineer, these two 36-year-olds together earn over $150,000, chose many vendors from our pages for their wedding, and will welcome 200 guests.

Locations To Fashions ... “Manhattan Bride has everything and answers all my questions, from locations to hair stylists to fashion. I use it often when I’m looking for wedding resources. I love Manhattan Bride!” — A mid-20’s production manager marrying a business owner, she has spent over 10 hours with our magazine and website, will have 300 wedding guests, and with her groom earns over $200,000.

Florists, Photographers, & All The Vendors I Need! ... “Manhattan Bride gives so many great suggestions about florists, photographers, and all the vendors I need! It makes me happy to see some of the vendors I’m picking featured in your photos and credits, which eases my mind that our wedding will look great as well. I also love your ‘Real Wedding’ pages!” — This mid-20’s bride is in insurance, her groom is an accountant, they’ve spent over 14 hours with our magazine and website, and they will welcome 400 guests to their wedding.

My Venue, Photographer, Florist, & Makeup Artist ... “I love the bridal looks in Manhattan Bride and I’ve emailed the makeup artists in your pages to inquire about my date. I’m also using Manhattan Bride and your website to look for my venue, photographer, and florist!” — A boutique owner, this bride is marrying a construction executive; together the 20-somethings earn $115,000 and will welcome 200 wedding guests.

Makeup, Hairstyles, Gowns, & Venues ... “My fiancée is constantly looking up makeup and hairstyles in Manhattan Bride as well as wedding gown styles and designers. I’ve been using the site to explore reception locations. It’s a great resource to find everything to plan a wedding and to get ideas and be inspired!” — She’s a therapist with a postgraduate degree, he is an architect, together this mid-20’s couple earns over $100,000, and they will welcome 300 guests to their country club wedding.

SHARE IT! … “I posted the link on my Facebook page and then shared it on my husband’s and mom’s Facebook pages too!”
On Facebook … When our new digital magazines went live, almost immediately we heard from our Real Wedding brides, like this one. “I posted the link on my Facebook page and then shared it on my husband’s and mom’s Facebook pages too. I received a ton of likes!” With the average person on Facebook having 190 friends, that’s almost 600 more readers for the magazine. Given our outgoing brides, it could be as many as 1,000 more readers from this one bride alone!

Social Media Sharing … After launching our site, we emailed links to the Real Wedding couples in the issues, and in the first 3 days alone, we got over 4,200 unique visitors, averaging 1,416 a day, or over 42,000 per month. Literally 54 percent of our visitors came to us via Social Media. Our brides are sharing!
VENUE SHOPPING! … “We love Manhattan Bride’s comprehensive coverage of venues for our reception!”
My Best Source for Venue Shopping! ... “Your wide variety of dress designs is very helpful, but for me the most useful part of Manhattan Bride is the great venue advertising. I went carefully through each ad and article, and then did further research on each venue’s website. Manhattan Bride is my best source for venue shopping!” — She is a medical resident, her groom is in finance, and the late 20’s couple will greet 200 wedding guests.

We Love Your Coverage of Venues ... “We love Manhattan Bride’s comprehensive coverage of venues for our reception. We’ve been able to flip the pages and reference and compare the material easily!” — These 30-something lawyers are welcoming 200 wedding guests.

Confident in Your “Stamp of Approval”“I’ve used your site because of all your great resources. I feel confident that, with your ‘Stamp of Approval,’ it is a vendor worth looking at. So far I have booked my venue from your site and now I’m using it to get all my other vendors!” — This late-20’s Westchester bride is in marketing, she and her mid-30’s groom earn over $115,000, and they’re getting married at a country club.
TONS OF GOWNS … “Manhattan Bride is a great reference for bridal gowns!”
The Most Gowns & Finding Our Venue! ... “I use the magazine to look at wedding gowns, hairstyles, flowers, jewelry, and, with my groom’s mother, to also look at mother-of-the-groom gowns. The magazine has the most variety of gowns and it’s easy to compare styles. It’s also a resource for wedding locations, especially the venue we visited and may soon be signing for!” — She is in non-profit marketing, her groom is a PhD chemist, and they will welcome 180 guests to their wedding.

My Top Favorite Link “I love everything about the Manhattan Bride website. I have it saved as my top favorite link. My favorite features are the real weddings and the vendor tab. I actually found my wedding dress and my florist on your website!” — She is a Sr. Business Analyst, her groom is a Software Developer, and they will welcome 140 guests to their hotel wedding.

A Great Reference
... “Manhattan Bride is a great reference for bridal gown and wedding venue ideas. I especially like how it was given to me at Bloomingdale’s when I registered there!” — This mid-30’s creative director is marrying a music publishing CFO, together they earn $200,000 a year, and they will welcome 150 guests to their loft wedding.

My Favorite Bridal Magazine ... “Manhattan Bride has been my favorite among all the Bridal Magazines. It covers everything! I love all the pictures and personal stories, which help me relate to what other brides are feeling as our wedding approaches! My favorite part is the tons of dresses showcased. Thank you for helping me with all my wedding planning!” — She is a counselor, he is studying to become a pastor, and they each have postgrad degrees. They will welcome 200 guests to their Long Island wedding and together they earn $100,000. They got the magazine at a bridal show.
MY SURVIVAL KIT … “Manhattan Bride is the only bridal magazine I carry around with me.”
My Survival Kit ... “Manhattan Bride is my survival kit! Thanks to your magazine I have a better understanding of everything to do and I love the real wedding stories. Thank you so much!” — She is an accountant, her groom works for the city, and together they earn $175,000.

The Only Magazine I Carry Around ... “Manhattan Bride is the only bridal magazine I carry around with me. I’ve found everything I want here and I recommend it to every bride!” — This late 20’s bride and groom are both in health care, have college degrees, and are welcoming 150 guests to their wedding at one of our New Jersey venues.

Tons of Wedding Inspiration ... “Manhattan Bride has been a great resource. It's beautiful, has tons of information and has given me tons of wedding inspiration. The website has been extremely helpful researching venues and honeymoon destinations.” — She is a personal trainer, he is a chief information officer, and they will welcome 170 guests to their country club wedding.

Comprehensive & Compelling ... “Manhattan Bride is terrifically comprehensive and compelling! I also like all the in-depth links I get to from your site!” — An actress, she is marrying an investment banker, they each have postgrad degrees, together earn $350,000, and this early-30’s couple is looking at estates and castles for their 130 wedding guests.

A Jaw-Dropping Experience ... “Your magazine is the complete guide for my wedding! It’s always beautiful and enchanting, with all the dresses, flower arrangements, cakes, and places! Manhattan Bride is a jaw-dropping experience and I share it with all my friends! I love it!” — College-educated professionals, this late-20’s couple earns $100,000.

Countless Hours With the Magazine ... “I spend countless hours flipping through the pages of the magazine and getting ideas for my wedding dress, hair, makeup, and bouquet arrangements!” — This bride is in sales, her groom is an Army veteran, and the two will be having a destination wedding in Israel plus a reception in Manhattan.

Today's Wedding Couples

From its dramatic photos to its in-depth articles and wide-ranging coverage, each issue of Manhattan Bride, as well as our ever-expanding companion website, is created for the well-educated, successful woman about to get married. (Note: For large, razor-sharp views, just click on each chart below.)

Manhattan Bride: Demographic Profile

Bride's Age
Average: 28.6
Median: 26.3
Bride & Groom Income
Average: $129,488
Median: $114,045
Top Range ... $150,000 -- $500,000: 26.3%
Graduated College: 86.6%
More ... Post Graduate Studies: 36.9%
More ... Post Graduate Degree: 22.87%
Owner, Manager, Professional: 48.38%
More ... Service & Government: 16.97%
More ... Sales: 6.86%

Manhattan Bride: Wedding Profile

Engagement Length
Average: 14.04 months
Median: 12.08 months
Reception Guests
Average: 160.3
Median: 153.1
Top Range ... 200 - 350 guests: 32.61%
Low Range ... Less than 100 guests: 15.41%
Rehearsal Dinner Guests
Average: 38
Median: 34
Planning a Rehearsal Dinner: 89.47%
Total Wedding Day Expenditures
Average: $51,123
Median: $44,332
Top Range ... $50,000 - $145,000: 40.67%
(Excludes ... Gowns, Accessories, Rehearsal Dinner, Gifts, Favors, Limousines, Officiants, Rings, Honeymoon)
Time Spent with Magazine & Website / Readers per Copy
Average: 6.69 hours
Median: 5.39 hours
Top Range ... 10 hours or more: 21.53%
Readers per the Bride's Copy (Bride & Groom Parents, Bridesmaids, Siblings, etc.) ... 6.41

The Upscale Bride 

Manhattan Bride and its vibrant companion website are designed for well-educated, upscale brides. Their average Age is 28.6, and they are sophisticated and knowledgeable: 87% Graduated College37% went on to Postgraduate Study, and 23% earned Postgraduate Degrees

These brides have achieved success in their fields: 48% are Owners, Professionals, or Managers. With their husbands, our brides earn an average Income of almost $130,000

They also approach their weddings with an appreciation for the many details involved. They have given themselves an Engagement averaging 14 Months — with 31% engaged 16 Months or Longer — allowing plenty of time for planning their weddings. (Only 4.6% give themselves less than 6 months.)

Demos6-Profession New


Demos5-BrideGroom Income


Demos3-BridesAge New

Demos4-Education New

Demos7-Engmnt Length New

Venues & Wedding Guests

We offer more regional wedding coverage than any other publication or website, providing our brides more information, fun, insights, and photos. In fact, our brides average over 6.5 Hours with us, and over 20% spend an incredible 10 Hours or More.

We distribute the magazine throughout the tri-state area. Over 90% of our readers are looking for venues in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Over 44% are looking in Manhattan, over 42% are looking in New Jersey and Long Island, and almost 30% are looking in Westchester, Connecticut, and Upstate New York. Some are looking in other states or considering destination weddings as well.

Our outgoing bride will welcome some 160 Guests to her wedding. The celebration almost always starts the night before, with almost 90% of our brides Planning a Rehearsal Dinner, with an average of 38 Rehearsal Dinner Guests.

Demos10-Where Looking for Venue New

Demos9-Reception Guests New

Reception Costs & Wedding Professionals Used

Our independent brides take an active role in creating their weddings. Planning to welcome 160 Guests, they will spend over $50,000 on their receptions alone — and over 25% spend from $60,000 to $145,000. With Manhattan Bride's 50,000 circulation, that’s well over a $2.5 Billion Market per issue! That’s not even including their gowns, accessories, rings, bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinners, limousines, gifts, favors, hotel accommodations, and honeymoons!

Because they’re creating such elaborate events — and doing so with all their friends, family, and business associates in attendance — our brides make every effort to create a perfect experience. Over 80% hire Hair Stylists, over 80% hire Makeup Artists, over 45% use professional Gown Cleaners, almost 30% hire Wedding Planners, and 20% hire Personal Trainers.



Bridal Fashion & Vendor Expenses

Overall, 30% to 40% of our brides are in the upper ranges of our bridal purchasing. These brides are spending ...
$2,600 to $21,400 on their Gown and Accessories
$6,000 to $22,500 on their Flowers
$8,000 to $18,000 on their Band
$2,000 to $4,000 on their DJ
$5,000 to $17,000 on their Photography
$2,500 to $5,500 on their Cinematography
$1,250 to $5,500 on their Wedding Cake

Gown and Accessories
Average: $3,290
Median: $2,600
Top Range ... $3,720 - $21,400: 34%
Average: $4,620
Median: $4,321
Top Range ... $6,000 - $22,500: 30.3%
Average: $6,848
Median: $6,691
Top Range ... $8,000 - $18,000: 37.6%
Average: $1,648
Median: $1,564
Top Range ... $2,000 - $4,000: 37.2%
Average: $4,103
Median: $4,053
Top Range ... $5,000 - $17,000: 37.1%
Average: $2,453
Median: $2,328
Top Range ... $2,500 - $5,500: 44.6%
Average: $1,053
Median: $828
Top Range ... $1,250 - $5,500: 33.2%

Time Spent with Manhattan Bride

With their wider circle of friends and business associates, our more mature, upscale brides plan more elaborate weddings. So it’s no wonder they crave the extensive information we offer, sharing it with their family and friends, and poring over our pages and our website for hours. In fact, for each Additional $50,000 in Income, they spend almost an Additional Hour with Manhattan Bride — attesting to our value for the upscale, sophisticated bride.

Demos8-Time Spent MagWebsite New

Demos14-Income-Ave Time Spent New