Karen McDonald | High Energy, Trim Waist, Sharp Mind

Intermittent Fasting can offer “Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Appetite Control, and Cellular Cleansing.” ... Others note a Sharpened Mental State.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, for example, said intermittent fasting helps him Focus and has added “A New Dimension.”

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Weight Loss & More

True Balance Living-Higher Energy-Karen McDonald“Weight loss is a key factor in ‘intermittent fasting,’ but other benefits can be even more important,” says Karen McDonald of True Balance Living, “like increased energy and better health, appetite control, and cellular cleansing.”

TIME magazine’s recent article on intermittent fasting described it as “eating schedules that incorporate regular periods of low or no food consumption.” They noted that it altered your metabolism, promoting better health and that “some of the positive health effects of intermittent fasting are no longer in doubt,” including reduced inflammation, lower blood pressure, and even a lower resting heart rate.

Quoting Benjamin Horne, the director of cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology at Utah’s non-profit Intermountain Healthcare system, the article noted such fasting is “a reasonable approach for people who don’t like daily restriction of their calories.”

An Exciting Start ... “My personal story,” says Karen, “includes an incredible three inches that literally ‘wasted away from my waist’ during my first 11-day program! I went IN at my waistline, not straight.”

Karen tells us that regular cleanse days and periodic low calorie or fasting days boost your personal “autophagy,” the metabolic process that breaks down the worn elements of your cells, boosting both their  maintenance and growth. It’s like an internal “cell-recycling” system.

True Balance Living-Higher Energy-Karen McDonaldThe Runner’s High & Regular Exercise Too ... You’ve already experienced the impact of autophagy. Exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscles that your body then heals, growing the cells in each muscle. That makes them stronger and helps your body cleanse. You feel renewed and get an energy boost.

But you don’t have to fast, cleanse, or exercise every day to experience these benefits. One study showed a lower risk of heart disease from just one fast day per month, and regular exercise has been shown to have an equally strong impact.

Your Personal Program ... Various diets and exercise routines can be part of such a program, but it is best to begin with an understanding of nutritional science and how it relates to your own metabolism, personal goals, and health concerns.

Here is where a consultant can greatly assist in helping you create your own program. Having won over 240 dance titles worldwide and experienced her own share of boosted autophagy, Karen has trained hundreds of wedding couples, personalizing her health and fitness program to fit their needs, to help them gain higher energy, and reach their personal fitness goals.

“Couples who have periodic fasting or low calorie days and exercise regularly, by dancing, for example,” she adds with a smile, “will greatly enhance their well-being and happiness.”

True Balance Living, Karen McDonald
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