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True Balance Dance, Sherry & Fahad

More Dance & More Romance ... “Your dance can help you get closer — and the physical and verbal communication for your first dance can carry through to your daily lives. I say, ‘Enjoy the dance ... for the rest of your life!’ ”

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Karen McDonald, True Balance Dance

From The Bride & Groom

“We met through a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel,” says recent bride Sherry Tsang, who married Fahad Chowdhury at Leonard’s Palazzo. “I was at work when I saw his profile and I got a phone call, but when I went to close the app, I hit the wrong button and tapped ‘Like.’ We matched by pure serendipity.”

Their first date was at a bar near Bryant Park. “I asked him a lot of questions about what he did and about his family and his school life. He only asked me one question, something no one on a date had asked me before.  He asked,  ‘What do you look for in a man?’ His question intrigued me and showed he is a direct person.”

Despite their different cultures, their connection was deep. A true New York woman, early in their dating she got right to the point. “I made it really clear that I was looking for a future, with marriage, kids and a family. I wanted to let him know, so that he wouldn’t waste my time.” He had the same intent and eventually, on one of her business trips, to Florida, he joined her. While on the trip, he proposed.

True Balance Dance, Sherry & Fahad

True Balance Dance, Sherry & Fahad

First Dance

“At first, I didn’t know if we needed dance lessons, but my husband said he wanted them, since everyone was going to be watching us and he wanted to have something that was practiced so we would be comfortable on the dance floor.”

True Balance Dance, Sherry & FahadThey chose Karen McDonald as their dance instructor. “I had known her for many years, since she gave my sister and her husband dance lessons for their wedding and I really liked the dance Karen choreographed for them. Karen also had known my mom for a number of years and beyond being a great dance instructor, she’s always been very caring.

“What I really liked about Karen’s lessons with us was that, after we chose the music, Karen would tailor the routine based on our skill level. So if she originally wanted us to do something and then  saw over time that we weren’t picking it up, she would adapt it to make the steps easier for us. She practices with you and makes sure each movement is something you can do. Our dance was tailored just for us.” They took 10 lessons and both bride and groom felt very accomplished.

“Karen made us feel very confident for our first dance. It’s the first time you’re doing something together as a married couple and it’s in front of your entire family and all your friends!
“I was saying how I really liked my sister’s dance, but our dance was actually nothing like hers. Karen personalizes your dance and that’s what makes it so special.”

From The Dance Instructor

“I believe taking the bride and groom’s personality into consideration helps establish a connection between the couple and the choreography. Creativity comes from a certain comfort level in their dance together.

True Balance Dance, Sherry & Fahad“For example, if they both work in intense careers, they may prefer something that shows their less serious side, like a comedic rendition of a Tango or a Foxtrot that turns into a fun Swing. The height difference also factors into dance choices.”

The song typically defines the dance style, although more and more couples are choosing to surprise their guests with different interpretations.

“A couple about to be married is experiencing an extraordinarily unique and extremely busy and stressful time in their lives. So I want to offer a comfortable haven where they are relaxed and happy and can discover how their dance helps them get closer — and how the physical and verbal communication for their dance can carry through to their daily lives. I say, ‘Enjoy the dance ... for the rest of your life!’ ”

Karen McDonald, True Balance Dance
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