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M&V Limousines, Mercedes S 550 Limo, 10 passengers

Timing, Coordination, & Great Photos. “In addition to driving the vehicle, your drivers should be coordinating with your photographer, your church or temple, and your reception venue.”

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New ... or Traditional

“We have a large selection of antique and new specialty vehicles,” says Mark Vigliante, founder and president of M&V Limousines. “The whole idea is to have different vehicles for every bride. Some brides have exotic tastes and some are more traditional. Everyone is different.”

M&V Limousines, 1934 Oldsmobile 8 Limousine Royal BurgundyNew Antiques & More ... “Our antiques include our 1956 Ford Fairlane Skyliner. It’s a convertible with two-toned paint and air conditioning.” Their 1961 Rolls Royce Princess is white-on-white with extra room in the rear, perfect for a bride with a large princess gown. “Our 1957 Chevy Bel Air stretch limousine is a beautiful American classic. It comes with air conditioning and a radio in the back. It’s perfect for couples looking to be unique and memorable on their big day.”

Mark recently purchased a 1934 Oldsmobile in perfect condition from a collector. “It was burgundy, but rather than repainting, we left the burgundy, because England’s Princess Kate got married in a maroon vehicle. We market it as ‘Royal Burgundy’ in our Royalty Package and brides love it.”

Some M&V drivers have been with the firm for 20 years and have done as many as one thousand weddings. “In addition to driving the vehicle, they’re assisting and coordinating with your photographer, your church or temple, and your reception venue.”

M&V Limousines, 1957 Chevy Belair Stretch LimoNew High-End Sedans ... Their new high-end sedans includes a white-on-white Mercedes Maybach EWB that has power curtains, a divider, and leg lifts. “Our EWB Rolls Royce Phantom was previously owned by boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. The extended wheelbase is perfect for brides with big dresses. It also includes automatic closing doors, rear monitors, and tray tables.” Their BMW 750 XMi is white-on-white with a rear executive package that includes massaging, heated, and “cool adjustable rear seats.”

They’ve also added new 12-passenger and 15-passenger Chrysler 300’s, one-of-a-kind 15-passenger Lincoln Continentals, and a 20-passenger Cadillac Escalade, all custom built for M&V. “We’ve also added 6-passenger Cadillac XTS’s, and more. Now we also have a sales office in the Wedding Salon. It’s in the heart of Manhattan, near Penn Station.

Red Carpet Treatment

Their Royalty Package includes special red carpet treatment. “Before the bride and groom walk out of the church, our drivers roll out a red carpet leading to the car. We set up a bottle of champagne with two flutes for their first toast. They will have these pictures for a lifetime and we want every part of it to be special, so we work with the ceremony venue to make sure they’re holding the flowers at the appropriate height and that everything is organized for the couple to walk out onto the carpet.”

M&V Limousines, 1956 Bentley Rolls Royce

M&V Limousine, 2016 BMW 750 i Ltd Edition with white Napa leather

They also train their staff to stage the perfect shots. “We make sure the photographer is positioned correctly to catch the newlyweds coming out of the car at the right time and angle to get the shot the couple wants. These are once-in-a life moments, so it’s important to prepare.”

One of their specialty vehicles brides might choose in a Royalty Package is a 1937 Packard. “It’s a gorgeous ivory color, which contrasts nicely with a bride’s white dress.” In the 1930’s, Packards were a step above a Cadillac. “If you were chauffeured back then, it was probably in a Packard. The president even had a 1937 Packard.”

After the U.S. entered World War II,  the government commissioned Packard’s factories to make engines for airplanes and submarines, because their engines were so quiet. After the war, Packard couldn’t regain their market. “Now, the pre-war Packard, like the original 1937 super 8 limo we have, is very rare. We also have traditional Princess Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, but if you want something unique, this Packard is the one.”

M&V Limousines, 2016 Mercedes Maybach s600

M&V Limousines, 1930 Pierce

Choose Your Price & Your Special Vehicle

M&V gets cars in all different price ranges. “We’ve built our business and brand on having vehicles that are hard to come by,” says Mark. “We want to offer a special vehicle for each bride on her wedding day and to cover all the price points. About five years ago, for example, we were one of the first companies to get a Phantom Rolls-Royce. It’s diamond white with a white interior and has power seats that are all air-conditioned. It’s a very VIP vehicle at a good price point, $595 for three hours.”

M&V Limousines, 1956 Ford Fairlane Skyliner“If you suggest something that isn’t in your budget, we give you different options to consider. Personal service is key.”

They also have a 2016 750i BMW. “It  has power rear seats and even a Samsung notepad that pops out of the console and allows you to control everything in the car: the lights, the music, the air. You can hit another button and have the whole backseat turn into a lounging couch. That’s a little more expensive, but still a good price point, at $795 for three hours.”

An expensive option is the 1957 Maybach in white, which was designed as a chauffeured vehicle. One feature Mark enjoys is the “techometer,” located on the ceiling. “You can see all the dials the driver sees, like the speed, the gas, and more, so that as a passenger, you know everything going on in the vehicle.” They also have a 2016 Maybach s600 in black. “Some brides, especially those from Manhattan, prefer our black limousines. The Maybachs are about $2400 for three hours, but you’re getting a $300,000 vehicle.

M&V Limousines, New Chrysler 300 12 passenger

M&V Limousines, 1961 Rolls Royce Princess

“If you suggest something that isn’t in your budget, we give you different options to consider. Personal service is key.”

The Start: A 1958 Bentley Rolls Royce

“Years ago, I was talking to someone about limos. He was a member of St. Patrick’s church and had a 1958 Bentley Rolls-Royce white limo with an opening roof. He asked if I’d be interested in buying it and said that he would donate all the money to the church. It was my first speciality vehicle. After that, I started booking a lot of weddings.”

He was on his way. “I found a limo company in Brooklyn with a lot of specialty stretch limos. I bought their 1957 stretch Chevy and continued to buy more unique specialty limos.”

The Bride’s Smile

“When we make the bride happy and bring a smile to her face, that is the best part. If she forgets something and the driver has it for her or helps her with it, that truly makes a difference. When they call us, transportation is one less thing our brides have to worry about.”

M&V Limousines
631.543.0908, [email protected]
In Manhattan, by appointment: 646.757.9101
www.mvlimo.com, www.HamptonLuxuryLiner.com