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Nanina's in the Park, Bride & Groom with Cigars (Milton Gil Photographers)

Get a Cigar Roller. “At some weddings, we’ve hosted a custom cigar roller to roll cigars for the groom and his party. This is an elegant way for the men (and some women!) to enjoy the day in style.”

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For Your Wedding: Get Creative

When planning your wedding ceremony and reception, you want your wedding to be truly memorable for you and your guests.

“One way to do this is by trying different ideas that express your originality and creativity. Add your personal touches, whether it is in the invitations, the decorations, or the entertainment. There are countless ways to add your own unique spin on your wedding. But if you want to make your day truly unforgettable, tap into your creative side and talk to your venue and your vendors about ways you can make your wedding truly original.”

Nanina's in the Park, Something Old (Milton Gil Photographers)

Something Old

“Bring ‘Something Old’ into your decorations. Use old wedding photos in your place settings or table numbers. Presenting images from weddings of both the bride’s and groom’s families adds a personal feel to the wedding and also gives guests something to look at and talk about.”

Nanina's in the Park, On the Dancefloor

Request a Song

“In addition to your favorites and those you feel are appropriate for your guests, you can add to your list by including a song request option in your invitation. Send the playlist provided by your band and ask for favorites from your guests. Then send the top picks to your band or DJ. This way, your guests can suggest a song they want and you can provide a pre-approved list.”

Nanina's in the Park, Bride & Groom Signature Drinks (Milton Gil Photographers)

Create Signature Drinks

“Add your personality into your cocktail hour and reception by creating signature drinks that reflect your taste. You also can personalize the look of your reception by using memorabilia to decorate the ballroom.”

Nanina's in the Park, Wearing a Second Dress

Wear a Second Dress

“More brides are choosing a second dress for their reception. A stunning white mini-gown lets you enjoy your party without being restrained by your ceremony dress, which is often more formal.” Gowns: The Steven Birnbaum Collection