What Worked for My Wedding: “Creativity & Personalization”

We talked with a bride, Angelica, who recently married her husband, Adam, at The Garrison. What made her wedding special?

Angelica & Adam's Wedding at The Garrison (Inku Photography)
What’s your favorite thing you did for your wedding?
There were a few things we did that made the night extra special. 

One of our favorite things was having a pizza truck serving personal pies for our guests on their way out at the end of the night. They made delicious brick oven pizza from scratch. Everyone loved them! Each box also had a personalized sticker, which also became a second wedding favor. Plus, we got the added benefit of another tasting before the wedding…an all pizza tasting!

Another favorite was instead of toasting with champagne, we toasted with mini Heineken’s beer, in honor of my late father, Angelo. Heineken was his beverage of choice.

And a final favorite was our unique Polaroid photos of our guests for place cards. Guests found them to be a fun surprise and many of them have either framed them or hung them on their fridge.

Angelica & Adam's Wedding at The Garrison (Inku Photography)
What was the worst advice?

We wouldn’t call it the worst advice but someone did share that a cinematographer wasn’t necessary. For a moment we considered not booking one but decided to do some research and ended up finding the perfect one. Their amazing work completely changed our minds about the significance of a wedding video and what it captures. After speaking with them, we decided they were a must for our wedding day.  We could not be happier with the videos they created.

If you were to plan your wedding again, what would you do differently?
I honestly don’t think we would change anything about our actual wedding day, but one thing we would do during planning is try not to spend too much time planning every little detail of the little things. Doing this can turn planning into a more stressful process than it needs to be.

Angelica & Adam's Wedding at The Garrison (Inku Photography)
Which of your vendors would you recommend?
All our vendors were really great, and we’d recommend them all, but the ones that really stick out are the following:

Our cinematographer, Elle & Be Films, based in Toronto, Canada. Their work is absolutely amazing and they have won a Canadian Juno Award (Grammy’s of Canada).

Our wedding coordinator, Fatima Calhoun of NVS Events. She really helped alleviate the stresses of wedding planning and made sure that our day went as smoothly as possible.

The Garrison, and specifically, Todd Smith,  the banquet sales manager, was outstanding. We are so happy with our decision to get married there. The staff went above and beyond for us and Todd became one of our good friends. 

4. Our pizza truck vendor, Truck Pizza. Alvaro, the chef and owner, created delicious pizzas that our guests thoroughly enjoyed.