The Paper Shoot Camera is an Eco-Friendly option to disposable cameras.

With all of the excitement couples experience on their big day, it’s hard for them to stop and enjoy the moment. This is why many couples supply their guests with disposable cameras as an inexpensive, efficient way to capture memories that can be preserved in photo albums for years to come. However, once those cameras have fulfilled their duties, they are tossed into a bin, subsequently ending up in landfills, for even more years to come.

Paper Shoot is an eco-friendly digital camera that will give people the simplistic and whimsical feel of a disposable camera, without the additional risk of environmental impact. Couples can get those spontaneous shots taken by family and friends, then their guests can use those same cameras to capture more memories in the future.

Contact: Roland Gallant
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We were a part of Time Magazine’s Top 100 inventions of the year
Wired Magazine review –
Jeff Goldblum reviewing the Paper Shoot Camera as a “Best Travel Gadget:
CNN News reviews our camera
Taiwan Excellence awards:
Other Reviews:
Our Patent:

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